A luncheon in honor of His Highness Amir in new york

In the honor of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the delegation accompanying His Highness the Permanent Representative of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Ayyad Al Otaibi, a luncheon at the headquarters of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations in New York City.

Thursday holiday for Islamic New Year .. Plan to safeguard Husseiniyas

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Ministries and all government institutions nationwide will be closed tomorrow to mark the Hijri New Year’s holiday, Kuwait’s Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced yesterday. Meanwhile, workplaces of unconventional and special nature will determine their holidays as they see fit, a statement issued by the CSC noted.

In another development, Interior Ministry’s Undersecretary Lieutenant General Mahmoud Al-Dosari yesterday announced a security plan to safeguard Husseiniyas during the Islamic calendar month of Muharram. Dosari, also the plan’s general supervisor, made his remarks in a press statement after chairing the final meeting to map out the plan for the security field operations committee.

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The plan comes under the directions of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah, and will be implemented firmly and comprehensively. It aims to protect lives and properties, and to ensure the safety of the people visiting Husseiniyas, Dosari said, adding the minister will evaluate the plan on daily basis. Dosari expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Husseiniyas’ organizers for their constructive and fruitful cooperation with security men throughout current and past religious events. 


Bangladeshis busted in Al-Jaleb area for specializing in the sale of expired rice

Bangladeshis busted in Al-Jaleb area for specializing in the sale of Indian expired rice after changing the original packing filling it and packing it as excellent quality as Pakistan rice bags inside a house in al-Jaleb and then sell it to several shops
The source said: "The secret police" agency, in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce's Emergency Department, took the location of the house used by the Bangladeshis . They found a large amount of non-edible rice on their way to be sold as the most expensive Pakistani rice, Shops dealing with them in the sale and purchase are transmitted to the competent authorities, and search for the printing press, which facilitated their operations suspicious

Six civilians killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

Bomb planted by the Taliban to target Afghan forces but a civilian car went through it

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan: A roadside bomb in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar killed at least six civilians travelling in a car that hit the device, officials said on Monday.

"It was a bomb which had recently been planted by the Taliban to target Afghan forces but a civilian car went through it," said Fazel Bari Baryalai, a spokesman for the provincial governor, adding: "All the people killed in the car were young people from the area." The incident highlights the threat from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) such as roadside bombs, one of the deadliest threats to civilians in Afghanistan.

In the first half of the year, according to United Nations figures, 252 civilians were killed and 295 injured by pressure plate devices that typically explode when hit by a vehicle.

Angry wife reveals husband's fake Kuwaiti citizenship

A Syrian national who acquired the Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently was arrested after his wife reported him to the authorities in Kuwait.

The suspect was granted the citizenship 22 years ago and was recruited in the public sector as a Kuwaiti. He later got married and the couple has children.

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However, his wife in a fit of anger last week informed the authorities that her husband was in fact a Syrian national who forged documents to acquire the Kuwaiti citizenship, resulting in his arrest.

The investigation included a DNA test that confirmed that the suspect was not a Kuwaiti and that he had entered the northern Arabian Gulf state with a Syrian passport. His fingerprints were not taken when he entered the country, Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas reported on Tuesday.

In her report, the wife told the police that her husband had lied to her when he proposed, claiming that he was a member of a well-known tribe.

However, when she discovered the truth about his identity, she opted to keep it secret until he started denigrating Kuwaitis.

The wife added that she could no longer restrain herself and decided to report him to the authorities.

She reportedly said that she did not mind her children would also lose their status as Kuwaiti nationals as per the rules governing the revocation of forged citizenships.

Under the Kuwaiti law, the granted nationality is revoked if the applicant provided false information or presented fake certificates during the application process.

The revocation is ordered by the cabinet based on a request from the interior minister.

Around 30 people with links to the Syrian suspect are likely to be investigated in the case, the daily said.

Last year, a Kuwaiti court sentenced a Syrian to 15 years in jail for getting the Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently and benefiting from its advantages.

The Criminal Court also imposed a fine equal to the salaries the defendant received as a serviceman with the border guards and ordered his deportation following the jail term.

A Kuwaiti national who helped him in getting the citizenship by forging documents was sentenced in absentia to five years in jail for “selling the Kuwaiti nationality to a Syrian expatriate”.

In June last year, two Syrian brothers admitted that they acquired Kuwaiti citizenship in 1970 through separate agreements with a Kuwaiti man who forged documents to add them as members of his family.

In a typical case, a Kuwaiti man is given money to forge documents and claim that the beneficiary is his own son. Once the document is accepted by the authorities, the beneficiary is able to obtain a birth certificate and subsequently a Kuwaiti citizenship certificate, a national identity card and a passport.

Kuwait has been engaged in a massive operation to unearth cases of forgery and false information that enabled several foreigners, with the complicity of Kuwaitis, to acquire the Kuwaiti citizenship.

Despite the formidable challenges in dealing with the highly sensitive and intricately complex naturalisation issue, Kuwait has been able to score some successes. 

Top UAE Airline Provides Free Extra Baggage Allowance to PH-bound Flights

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are about to return to the Philippines from the UAE via Emirates flight to Manila, Clark, and Cebu are set to receive free extra baggage allowance in time for the Christmas season.

Emirates, the UAE’s top airline, that passengers who will purchase tickets until Sept. 30 will receive baggage allowance.

Manila-bound passengers will receive an extra 15-kilogram baggage allowance, while passengers to Cebu and Clark are eligible to an additional 10-kilogram baggage allowance.

The promo is valid for trips until December 31.

Source : The Filipino Times earlier reported that Cebu Pacific, the countries’ largest airline, is also offering additional 25 kilograms of baggage allowance until November 30.

Malaysian Couple Charged for Trafficking Pinay Maid

A cost control officer for an oil exploration company and his wife have been charged on Thursday, September 14, for trafficking their Filipina maid.

The couple allegedly forced Joramie Garcia Torres, 31, to work at their home in Denai Alam, Malaysia from January 23 until August 31 of this year.

Mohamad Afzan Azemi, 35, and Norazni Razali, 30, pleaded not guilty to the charge before the Sessions Court.

The prosecution requested the bail be set at RM100,000 as Torres had injuries, proving that she was harassed and mistreated by her employers.

But the couple was granted to be freed on just RM20,000 bail, as the couple had a young child.

If found guilty, the Malaysian couple will be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison and a fine under Section 13(b) of the Anti-Trafficking In Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007 and read together with Section 34 of the Penal Code.

Source: The Star Malaysia

Civil Service Bureau: Thursday, September 21 public holiday.

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Holiday for Kuwait public sector employees to mark Hirji New Year..

Kuwait The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced that Thursday, September 21, 2017 would be a public holiday marking the Islamic New Year for all ministries and governmental bodies, Civil servants at all state bodies and agencies will resume work on Sunday September 24.


The Court is considering canceling the increase in health visitor fees, hearing on 4 October.

Lawyer Hashim al-Rifai filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Health to cancel the new fees for expatriates, and the Administrative Court set the hearing on 4 October.

Al-Rifai said in his lawsuit that "the decision of the fees imposed on non-Kuwaiti patients residing in the health insurance system has negative consequences and great harm to citizens before expatriates, in addition to damage to the reputation of the country, especially that Kuwait is the country of peace and humanity, The country is the leader of humanity, and there is no spot in the ground except in the case of Kuwaiti humanitarian work and Kuwaiti aid, which included all those who have been subjected to natural disasters  and wars, regardless of religion, origin, and language.

"Law No. 1/1999 does not allow you to impose new fees on those covered by health insurance or over current fees. A ministerial decision can not contradict a valid law, and the ministerial decision referred to above contravenes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since we do not want your Excellency to violate the Constitution, the law and the international human rights instruments for something that is not worth mentioning, it is even more damaging to the reputation of the country


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The Department of Public Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of the Interior stated that the criminal security sector, represented by the General Directorate of Narcotics Control, managed to control a citizen who cultivates narcotic marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

In the details, information was received about the trafficking of narcotic marijuana. According to the information, the investigation was intensified, followed up and monitored for two weeks. After being confirmed, the necessary legal action was taken. He was arrested near his residence. This type of drug used the latest methods and the Department was able to find a special laboratory contains two fully equipped equipment and modern equipment and sophisticated used for agriculture and inside each protected large quantity of plastic molds of different sizes and shapes planted seedlings Narcotic marijuana is estimated at about 1000 seedlings ready for promotion. A large quantity of marijuana seeds and a sensitive balance were found.

The administration confirmed that the accused was transferred to the competent authorities to take legal action against him.

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