Cable Distributors and Viewers Being Arrested residential units in Salmiya area

The Department of Public Relations and Information Security said that the members of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, "Department of Combating Money Crimes" managed to arrest a gang that made a network to operate and display satellite channels owned by a local company illegally, which represents the crime of theft (intellectual property).

Information on this criminal formation was received. Immediately, information was collected, inferences and further investigations were conducted, all of which confirmed the correctness of the information. After the legal action was taken, the gang's house was raided and a central room in one of the residential units in Salmiya was found. Satellite channels and penetration of the basic broadcast from the company authorized to broadcast.


, using the infrastructure of the state employed by the Ministry of Communications to connect these wires to the buildings located in the same surroundings.

The neurological formation and technical devices used in the penetration and transmission to the competent authorities were referred.

The Public Administration calls on citizens and residents not to deal with such criminal acts in order not to fall under the law.

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