Apple finally reveals its best ever smartphone with FaceID, 5.8inch edge-to-edge display, wireless charging and NO home button

Following months of anticipation, Apple has finally unveiled its souped-up 'anniversary' phone, the iPhone X.

The $999 (£999 in the UK) iPhone X features an edge-to-edge display with richer colours, and facial recognition software called Face ID that allows users to unlock the phone without the need for a fingerprint reader or physical home button.

Apple has also revealed the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, alongside an upgrade to the Apple Watch and a higher-definition Apple TV.

Apple has announced the iPhone X, pronounced 'iPhone 10', that comes with no home button. Users have to swipe up from the bottom to unlock or to go home from an app or to multitask. It also includes 'Face ID' that allows users to unlock the phone by looking at it

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, took to the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple's new Apple Park 'spaceship' campus - widely considered to be the final product designed by Jobs, who died in 2011.

He began with a tribute to Steve Jobs: 'It was only fitting that Steve should open his theater,' he said. 

'There's not a day we don't think of him, memories have come rushing back as we prepared for today. It's taken time, but we can now reflect with joy instead of sadness. We dedicate this theater because we loved him, and he loved days like this.'

'We're here today to talk about some incredible products.'  

The live stream began with Apple CEO Tim Cook giving a moving tribute to founder and ex-CEO Steve Jobs. ¿There¿s not a day we don¿t think of him, memories have come rushing back as we prepared for today,' Cook said

iPhone X 

Having revealed several new devices throughout the presentation Tim Cook unveiled the much anticipated iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten). 

Cook said: 'We're not stopping there, we have one more thing.

'Our teams have been hard at work for years on the future of the smartphone.

'Now, ten years later it is only fitting we are here, in this place on this day that will set the path for for technology for the next decade.' 

A video then showed the iPhone X in action.

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple explained: 'It is all screen, it is beautiful to look at, incredible to hold. There has never been anything like it.'

The phone features a glass front and back, with a band around the edge made from surgical grade stainless steel, as well as an edgeless display.   

The iPhone will be dust and waterproof at a microscopic level. 

iPhone X has an all new display, called the 'super retina display.'

On the diagonal, the display is 5.8 inch, with over two million pixels - the highest resolution and pixel density ever seen in an iPhone.   

It also features an OLED display.

Schiller said: 'It's the point of this technology that matters - it's easier to use, and more intuitive.'  

With the phone, users will be able to raise it to wake, or tap the screen to wake - because Apple has ditched the home button. 

Now, to reach the home screen, users now swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 


Schiller said: 'We also use the home button for Siri, but how do you do that now? You can now press the side button, which has been made larger, and speak to Siri.'  

To unlock the phone, users can now use facial recognition, which Apple calls Face ID.

Schiller said: 'Nothing has ever been so simple. This is the future of how we'll unlock our phones.'

The Face ID system uses a number of technologies to ensure it recognises its user. This includes an infrared camera to see in the dark and an ambient light sensor
The iPhone X will be available in space grey and silver, and ships on November 3. Pictured is Phil Schiller on stage during the presentation

A new TrueDepth camera system includes an infrared camera, and other new technology. 

The Face ID will learn your face, so every time you glance at the iPhone, it detects your face - even in the dark. 

It works by projecting infrared dots out onto your face, which feeds information back into an AI computer, to create a model of the face and check it against the owner.  

The iPhone X will come with a 'super retina display' that uses OLED technology giving it the highest ever pixel density in an iPhone

Schiller said: 'This happens in real time, and invisibly.'  

The built in chip that controls Face ID is built with a neural engine, allowing it to execute 600 billion operations per second.

While you might think that Face ID could be tricked by a photo, Schiller reassured that this wasn't the case. 

'Animojis' are a new type of emoji introduced by Apple at today's event. They react to your facial expression from within the messenger app allowing you to express a range of emotions
Pictured is a demonstration of hte animoji
The animoji can replicate up to 50 facial movements

He said: 'We worked to make sure it can't be fooled by photographs, and worked with Hollywood teams to make sure masks don't even work.' 

Face ID will also work with Apple Pay, as well as third party apps.

Another new feature in the iPhone X is animoji - 3D animated emoji that you can control with your face. 




Wireless charging as a concept has been around since Nikola Tesla, a Croatian inventor, first suggested in the 19th century that you could transfer power between two objects via an electromagnetic field.

The charging pad contains a loop of coiled wires around a bar magnet, known as an inductor.

When an electric current passes from the mains through the coiled wire, it creates an electromagnetic field around the magnet.

This can then be used to transfer a voltage – or charge – to the smartphone.

Apple's new charging system operates at 7.5 watts.

This means that it won't offer faster charging speeds than conventional chargers, which offer 15 watts as standard.

The animoji work by tracking more than 50 facial movements and replicating these in your choice of dozens of animal emoji.

Unfortunately, when Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering, came on stage to demonstrate the Face ID, it didn't work on first attempt, and he was forced to revert to a backup phone. 

But when he showed the animojis in action, he joked: 'If you were wondering what humanity would do when given access to the most advanced facial recognition technology, here it is,' before showing off a talking poop.

The iPhone X (left) will also come with AirPower wireless charging that lets you charge multiple devices at once, including the Apple Watch (centre) and AirPods (right)

The iPhone X has dual 12MP cameras, with dual optical image stabilisation and quad LED true tone flash.   

The front camera is a breakthrough for selfies, and can take photos in Portrait Mode with Portrait Lighting. 

Schiller said: 'People will be blown away by the selfies you can take with the iPhone X.' 

The iPhone also features the same A11 bionic chip as iPhone 8, and will also have wireless charging built in. 

Like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone X will come with Qi wireless charging capabilities enabled, meaning it can be charged by placing it on a special pad
The iPhone X has dual 12MP cameras, with dual optical image stabilisation and quad LED true tone flash

Battery life will be two hours better than the iPhone 7. 

Schiller said: 'We think we have an idea of how to make charging a better experience.'

He then revealed the new AirPower Charging mat, that can charge iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods simultaneously. 

AirPower will be available next year.

There will be a 64GB version and a 256GB version of the iPhone X available, with a starting price of $999 (£999 in the UK) and going up to $1,149 (£1,149 in the UK)

There will be a 64GB version and a 256GB version of the iPhone X available, with a starting price of $999 (£999 in the UK) and going up to $1,149 (£1,149 in the UK). 

It will be available in space grey and silver, and ships on November 3. 

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus 

Cook returned to the stage to talk about Apple's new iPhones. 

He said: 'Apple has always believed technology infused with humanity can change the world. No other device in our lifetime has the impact the iPhone has.

Apple followed it

'It's truly amazing how much the iPhone impacts the world every day. We want to create something so immersive the hardware disappears. 

'Over the past decade we've pushed ford with innovation after innovation, bringing us to this moment. We have huge iPhone news for you today.' 

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, came to the stage to reveal the new iPhone 8 and 8+. 

Schiller said: 'iPhone 8 is a huge step forward for iPhone. 

'These are a new generation of iPhone, and they improve on everything we love about iPhone.'

The smartphones have glass in both the front and back, and come in silver, space grey and gold. 

It is made from aluminium, with steel-reinforced glass. 

Schiller said: 'This glass is the most durable ever seen in a smartphone.' 

The iPhone 8 has a 4.7 inch retina HD display, while the 8+ has a 5.5 inch retina HD display.

The phones feature an A11 bionic chip - the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone.  

In terms of camera, the iPhone 8+ has dual 12MP sensor cameras, providing 83 per cent more light, with deeper pixels.  

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have new 5.5 and 4.7inch retina HD screens with new stereo speakers that are 25 per cent louder than previous iPhones. It will also come with 3D Touch technology

A new Portrait Lighting mode can alter lighting in an image, using artificial intelligence to change lighting over the face. 

Schiller said: 'These aren't filters, they are real time analysis of light on the subject's face.' 

The smartphones will also feature new 40K 60 frames per second video mode, and a Slo-Mo option that runs at 240 frames a second.

The cameras are calibrated for augmented reality (AR). 

For example, Schiller explained that the MLB app will be able to show player information if you hold up phone at a baseball game.  

In a surprise move from Apple, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will come with wireless charging capabilities by placing it onto a charging pad

Both the iPhone 8 and 8+ will have wireless charging built in. 

Schiller joked: 'I can't describe how much nicer it is not to have to plug in a cable!' 

Wireless charging will work with hundreds of already available chargers, from Ikea to Ford, although Apple will also sell third party wireless chargers in stores.  

The iPhone 8 and 8+ will each come in two versions - a 64GB, with a second at 256GB.  

iPhone 8 will start at $699, and iPhone 8+ will start at $799 . 

They will both be available on September 22nd.  


Source: Mailonline

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