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10 most populated countries in the world

It's World Population Day today and we take a look at 2018's most populated countries

In celebration of World Population Day, we look at the 10 most populated countries in the world. The global human population grows by around 75 million every year. In the year 1800 the world population was 1 billion, this year, we are at to 7.6 billion people as of July, 2018.The population is expected to keep growing, and estimates to reach 8.4 billion by 2030, and 9.6 billion by 2050. 

Here is your list of the world's most populated countries. 

1. China

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Population: 1,415,171,198 (Last year: 1,379,302,771)     

The population of China is equivalent to 18.54 per cent of the total world population and they are ranked number 1 in the list of countries by population. There are roughly around 151 people per square kilometre. The median age in China is 37.3 years.

2. India    

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Population: 1,354,464,444 (Last year: 1,281,935,911)         

India population is equivalent to 17.74 per cent of the total world population and it is ranked number two. The population density in India is more than double that of china at 455 people per square kilometre. The median age in India is 27 years. 

3. United States

Population: 326,830,645 (Last year: 326,625,791)

The United States population is jumps down from its predecessor to 4.28 per cent of the total world population. The population density in the United States is a much smaller 36 people per square kilometre. The median age in the United States is 37.8 years.

4. Indonesia

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Population: 266,872,775 (Last Year: 260,580,739)           

Indonesia population is equivalent to 3.5 per cent of the total world population and ranks at number four. The population density in Indonesia is 147 people per square kilometre. The median age in Indonesia is a young 28.3 years.

5. Brazil    

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Population: 266,872,775 (Last Year: 207,353,391)              

Brazil population is equivalent to 2.76 per cent  of the total world population.
Brazil ranks number 5 in the list of countries by population and has a population density in Brazil is 25 people per square kilometre. The median age in Brazil is 31.7 years.

6. Pakistan

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Population: 200,919,769 (Last Year: 204,924,861)

The population of Pakistan is equivalent to 2.63 per cent of the total world population and it is ranked at number 6 in the list of countries by population.
The density in Pakistan is 260 people per square kilometre. The median age in Pakistan is 22.7 years.

7. Nigeria

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Population: 196,014,916 (Last Year: 190,632,261)

Nigeria population is equivalent to 2.57 per cent of the total world population. The population density in Nigeria is 215 people per square kilometre. The median age in Nigeria is 17.9 years.

8. Bangladesh

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Population: 166,415,337 (Last Year: 157,826,578)

Bangladesh population is equivalent to 2.18 per cent of the total world population. The population density in Bangladesh is a whopping 1,278 people per square kilometre. The median age in Bangladesh is 26.0 years.

9. Russia

XNE_151210 GV2 (35138965)

Population: 143,964,017 (Last Year: 142,257,519)

The Russian population is equivalent to 1.89 per cent of the total world population. The population density in Russia is just 9 people per square kilometre. The median age in Russia is 38.9 years.

10. Mexico

Population: 130,803,510 (Last Year: 129,163,276)

Mexico population is equivalent to 1.71 per cent of the total world population. The population density in Mexico is 67 people per square kilometre. The median age in Mexico is 27.9 years.


Audie Trinidad came to the United States from the Philippines in the 1980s, married Mary Rose Ballocanag and setled in Teaneck

TEANECK, New Jersey: The seats in the last pew at the Church of St. Anastasia here were empty during Sunday Mass.

Two bouquets of flowers, five votive candles and two photos lined the bench where the Trinidad family usually sat, a memorial to a father and his four daughters who died in a car accident in Delaware on Friday while returning from a vacation in Maryland.


Audie Trinidad, 61, and his daughters Kaitlyn, 20, Danna, 17, and 14-year-old twins Allison and Melissa were killed when a Ford F350 pickup truck veered out of its lane on State Route 1 and crossed the grassy median into oncoming traffic, striking the family's minivan. Mary Rose, 53, the girls' mother, remained in the hospital in serious condition Sunday. Delaware State Police are still investigating the crash.

Audie Trinidad came to the United States from the Philippines in the 1980s, married Mary Rose Ballocanag and setled in Teaneck.

Paramedics work at the scene of a deadly car crash on Route 1 near 

The tragedy has stunned this town of 40,000, where the family was tightly woven into the community. Trinidad was an usher at his church. His daughters were volleyball players. The family was active in the Filipino American Society of Teaneck.

A mile and a half from the Roman Catholic parish, on a quiet residential street shaded by tall maple trees, a memorial of flowers, teddy bears and balloons fanned across the front lawn of the Trinidads home. A painting of the family depicted as angelic figures with halos sat on the porch.

Daniel Trinidad, 59, Audie Trinidad's brother, stood on the porch Sunday afternoon greeting a steady procession of visitors and well-wishers, many of them strangers, in a continuation of a community response that has left him awe-struck.

"He's a family man," Trinidad said of his brother, and the outing to Ocean City, Maryland, was typical of the summer trips the Trinidads took.

Audie Trinidad moved to the United States in 1986 and joined the Navy. After serving for seven years, he joined the U.S. Postal Service, where he still worked.

"I still have to call them to let them know," Daniel Trinidad said, before considering that the news, which he said has traveled as far as the Philippines, might have already reached his brother's colleagues.

The twins had finished eighth grade at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Trinidad said, and were preparing to attend Teaneck High School. Their sister Danna had one more year before graduation. The eldest, Kaitlyn, was studying nursing at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx, New York, following the career path of her mother, an obstetrics nurse at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan.

"All gone in the blink of an eye," Daniel Trinidad said.

Larry DuHadaway, 43, a firefighter in Maryland and Delaware, was driving his family to the beach in Rehoboth, Delaware, when he saw a truck ahead of him suddenly crossing the median into oncoming traffic. After striking a white car, the truck was T-boned by the van carrying the Trinidads, he said.

"I've been in the fire service for 28 years, and that was the worst that I've been on, let alone witnessed," he said.

During the homily at the 11:30 a.m. Mass at St. Anastasia, the service the Trinidad family regularly attended, the congregation rose and each person passed by the family's pew, many with arms around one another, some in tears.

Crew members from various response teams work the scene of a deadly car crash on Route 1 near Townsend, Delaware. AP

"It's hard," said Kevin Regan, a deacon at the church who delivered the homily. "They're having a very difficult time. We have a very large Philippine community. They all are active, very active. And as you can see from this 11:30 Mass, there are people honoring their family. It's going to be a tough, long week."

On Saturday more than 200 students, parents, family members and friends gathered at Votee Park. The vigil had been planned by friends of the Trinidad children, who posted on Facebook and Instagram.

The memorial began with a prayer and song, as the aching chorus of "Amazing Grace" mixed with sorrowful sobs as neighbors and friends of the children shared memories.

"The twins were my bestest friends since preschool," said one young woman who didn't give her name as she spoke. "We used to hang out since we were 3 years old. And to see them leave without saying goodbye is the worst experience in my life."

Support has poured in from around the state and the country. Gov. Philip D. Murphy, U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer and local officials sent statements of support and grief on Saturday. A GoFundMe campaign set up by Linda Douglas, a friend of the family, to help Mary Rose Trinidad, had raised more than $111,000, soaring past the initial goal of $10,000.

Daniel Trinidad said the family's first priority is to help his sister-in-law. Family members were also preparing to travel to Delaware on Monday to make funeral arrangements.

Another task, Trinidad said, will be to hire a lawyer to represent the family in connection with the crash.

It was a very different future from the one Daniel Trinidad said he and his siblings had imagined, which was to watch their nieces grow up and start families of their own.

"But now that dream is crushed," he said.

"There are going to be a lot of empty holidays," Trinidad said. "It won't be the same without them."

Outside the family's home, the same photograph that was taped to their church pew was hanging outside the front door. Trinidad said it was the last picture taken of the family. They had stopped for lunch on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, enjoying crabs and French fries at a roadside stand, just before the crash.

Nutritionist shares the foods you should eat and avoid at night

The foods you should eat for a good night's sleep - and the snacks to avoid at all costs

Everyone loves an after dinner snack, but there are a number of popular treats that are significantly impacting the quality of your sleep.  

Australian dietitian, Susie Burrell, revealed in a blog post that there are certain foods people should eat if they want to get a good night's rest and particular meals that they should avoid.

'There is no doubt that there are both foods that help and hinder our sleep, consuming a massive meal close to bedtime is sure to disrupt things, while high fat foods are known to leave us feeling tired and lethargic,' she said. 

Australian dietitian, Susie Burrell, revealed in a blog post that there are certain foods people should eat if they want to get a good night's rest and particular meals that they should avoid



One of the main reasons bananas benefit sleep is because of their rich nutrients.

These nutrients are potassium and magnesium, which aid muscle relaxation.

'In addition, the natural carbohydrates found in bananas will gradually see a reduction in blood glucose levels which will help to induce sleep 60 minutes or so after consumption,' Susie said.

One of the main reasons bananas do such a good job at bringing people to slumber is because they are rich in nutrients


Growing up many children will consume warm milk before bed time and there is a reason for this.

Susie explained that milk is a source of the amino acid tryptophan which helps produce serotonin in the body.

Serotonin acts as a 'neurotransmitter' that naturally calms the body and helps prompts sleep. 


All nuts have different benefits for the human body but Susie said they all help in encouraging sleep as they're nutrient rich.

The presence of calcium helps your brain use tryptophan to produce the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin.

'It is [also] the essential fats and amino acids including tryptophan which link the consumption of nuts close to bedtime and sleep,' Susie said.

'It is [also] the essential fats and amino acids including tryptophan which link the consumption of nuts close to bedtime and sleep,' Susie said


Dark chocolate

Although healthy eaters may reach for dark chocolate when they're craving sugar it shouldn't be consumed too close to bed time.

This is because it contains more chocolate contains more caffeine than regular chocolate. 

'This means that enjoying your dark chocolate after dinner is not the best idea if you have difficulty falling asleep,' Susie explained.

Although healthy eaters may reach for dark chocolate when they're craving sugar it shouldn't be consumed too close to bed time

Ice cream

Although a sneaky bowl of ice cream before bedtime can be too good to resist, it isn't always the best decision.

This is thanks to the mix of sugar and fat that can be found hiding inside, particularly ice cream that is filled with lollies, which stimulates the brain rather than a relaxant.

Salty food

No matter whether people are consuming pizza, Chinese take away or a curry, the high amount of salt will impact people's sleep. 

'Not only do we often have issues with ingestion, but dehydration is also common which can result in you waking regularly during the night desperate for water,' she explained.

'Another common issue that we consider less frequently, is the MSG content of these meals, which can again leave us feeling agitated and stimulated at a time when we should be relaxing and calming down.' 

No matter whether people are consuming pizza, Chinese take away or a curry, the high amount of salt will impact people's sleep
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Curry powder helps to beat cancer

Spice can slow the growth of tumours and make drugs more powerful, finds study, paving the way for new treatments

A chemical in curry powder could fight cancer, according to research.

Scientists suggest curcumin, a chemical in turmeric which gives the curry powder its yellow colour, could slow the growth of tumours in breast and blood cancers.

It does this by making cancer cells less able to break down or destroy other cells.Although the researchers from the University of California say eating the spice or supplements will not fight cancer, the discovery could lead to new treatments.And curcumin, which has been thought in the past to have cancer-fighting abilities, may actually be 500 times stronger than previously thought.

Lab tests found when it is combined with a commonly used drug for a specific type of blood cancer, curcumin made it work better while also reducing side effects.The researchers say their findings, from experiments on mice, are 'unexpected' and they now hope to develop a targeted cancer drug using the curcumin.  

Curcumin is a chemical found in turmeric, and gives the powder its yellow colour


Curcumin could be used to fight cancer because when in the blood stream it binds to a specific type of enzyme called DYRK2 and, when the two are connected, cells cannot reproduce as quickly. A hallmark of cancer is its ability to grow quickly and uncontrollably, but this could be slowed down by curcumin, the researchers say. 



Scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York revealed this year they had designed a cream which could rid men of erection problems.

The cream contains curcumin – a chemical found in turmeric that gives curry its yellowish look. 

The ointment seeps through the skin and dilates blood vessels supplying a man's groin area.

To make the ointment the spice was ground into particles 100 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair – allowing them to seep through skin and into tiny blood vessels, called capillaries, under the skin.

Scientists mixed the particles with water to make a thin paste and rubbed it on rats' tummies regularly for two weeks.

Tests showed the animals had better erections and increased blood flow, according to results published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

But eating plates of curry is highly unlikely to have the same effect, as much of the love-boosting spice gets destroyed in the stomach.


Curcumin 'significantly' reduces the size of tumours 

On a study in mice using curcumin 'significantly' reduced the size of tumours and stopped it spreading as much.Researcher Sourav Banerjee said: 'In general, curcumin is expelled from the body quite fast. 'For curcumin to be an effective drug, it needs to be modified to enter the blood stream and stay in the body long enough to target the cancer. 

'Owing to various chemical drawbacks, curcumin on its own may not be sufficient to completely reverse cancer in human patients.'

Chemical could work against blood or breast cancer

The study was done on mice with multiple myeloma – a cancer of the white blood cells – or triple negative breast cancer, which makes up about 15 per cent of breast cancer cases.In the past curcumin was thought to fight cancer cells by binding to different enzymes, but when it attaches to DYRK2 it is 500 times more effective.Co-author Jack Dixon added: 'Our results reveal an unexpected role of curcumin [and] may offer new opportunities for hard-to-treat triple-negative breast cancer and multiple myeloma treatment. 

'Our primary focus is to develop a chemical compound that can target DYRK2 in patients with these cancers.'Combining curcumin with approved medication kills more cancer cells 

The researchers combined curcumin with cafrilzomib – a drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for patients with multiple myeloma.Combining the two caused more cancer cells to die and normal cells were less affected, meaning curcumin could one day lead to a more powerful drug with fewer side effects.


 Image result for capital city of kuwait

The State of Kuwait is steadily moving forward in the vision of Kuwait 2035 towards realizing the desire of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to transform the country into a global financial and commercial center that attracts domestic and foreign investments. 
The "Silk City" project is spearheading the vision of Kuwait 2035 and is considered the largest marine front project that will put Kuwait on the economic, investment and tourist map of the world. 

Kuwait is currently working on improving public services, developing statistical systems and national information, and providing an attractive environment for investment in order to support development and improve the standard of living of citizens through various governmental institutions.
Kuwait will also focus on attracting foreign investors to the development of economic activities as well as achieving security stability in the region and the formation of fertile ground for further foreign investment. 

And accelerate the implementation of the project (the city of silk) has positive effects reflected on the economic, social and development of Kuwait and contribute to reduce government spending to be a key factor to attract domestic and foreign investments in light of the growing population growth. 
The project aims to address the challenges and transform them into strengths and opportunities that will help activate the partnership between the public and private sectors through the establishment of a model city to be followed in the world and put Kuwait in its position on the map of important financial and trade centers in the region and the world.

The idea of ​​the project, which is considered a dream for every Kuwaiti to establish an independent free trade zone and be subject to Kuwaiti sovereignty in full with the independence of administrative, financial and legislative and create a new fertile investment environment in the north of the Gulf covering various areas and sectors vital. 

The project aims at establishing an international economic zone in the north of the country that will help strengthen relations and cooperation with neighboring countries. The region will be densely populated by various nationalities to be the focus of the world's attention, not just Kuwait. 
The strategy of implementing the project depends on the exploitation of the Kuwaiti islands by financing their needs from the capital and private capital markets in addition to the State's contribution to the financing of this project.

Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk by CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates in Subiya, Kuwait

The participation of Kuwaitis will be maximized in the process of establishing the city as it will organize training programs for Kuwaitis to learn the skills of project management, planning, design and construction followed by environmentally and socially committed construction practices. 
The Silk City project is located in Al-Sabia area in north-east Kuwait on an area of ​​250 square kilometers and is expected to take about 25 years to build at an estimated cost of US $ 86 billion. 

The Silk City project, which will accommodate 700,000 people, includes the construction of a 1001-meter (250-storey) tower, equipped with state-of-the-art climate-friendly technologies, including seven offices, facilities, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. The city is about 100 billion USD.
The project, the world's largest waterfront project, is one of the longest bridges to link the capital to the Silk City, which will provide a strategic link between the capital Kuwait and the northern region. 

Jaber Bridge, the fourth longest bridge in the world, is a key element in the plan to establish and develop a free economic zone in northern Kuwait. 

The five islands project, which is one of the most important and major projects of the development plan, includes the construction of the Greater Mubarak Port project which will contribute to the opening of the country to the world commercially and economically and serve the interests of Kuwait and the countries of the region. 

This port will support the plan of transport and ports and will serve 24 berths and will be a major hub for regional transport linking the land to the sea with multiple modes of transport, such as highways and railways, which will constitute a qualitative leap in the transit trade sector.
The city of Silk includes natural habitats, wildlife reserves and migratory bird sanctuaries from Africa and Central Asia. It contains vast areas for pasture and freshwater, an environmental research center and specialized scientific studies of natural life. 

Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk by CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates in Subiya, Kuwait

The project includes four residential, financial and commercial districts and a recreation village with resorts and hotels attracting tourists. It also includes cultural and sports centers. It also includes a residential area belonging to the Ministry of Housing, with housing vouchers and surrounded by Silk City (Zmoudi contract), which provides visitors with parks, parks and lakes. 

Including environmental protection for the conversion of landfills into land suitable for construction, the use of modern methods for oil and energy exploration and exploration, and the establishment of marine stations to monitor the provisions of the seven phases of the seven global standards for the protection of the marine environment. These environmental standards will transform Kuwait into a leading center for climate protection.

The city is also connected to a modern network of roads, transport, bridges and tunnels, which are connected to other cities in Kuwait and abroad, designed to avoid traffic congestion and problems resulting from the poor organization of the city's infrastructure. 

As for the legal considerations and the management of the project for the establishment of (Silk City), the city of silk is to be established for the establishment of a government company wholly owned by the State, which includes its authority to coordinate with the competent authorities in the State to prepare a special bill for the establishment, management and implementation of the "Silk City" project. And management of the Silk City project. 

The company distributes the city in phases, including each stage part of the economic, commercial and residential project and the establishment of public shareholding companies for each stage, distributed as follows the government sector and 20% share, while the private sector owns 40% and the remaining 40% for public subscription . 


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Philippine President Rodrigo Dutitri will visit the country next October after a date set by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, press reports said. Informed sources pointed out that the visit will be interspersed with several talks along with the file of Philippine employment and its organization in the future.
The sources said, according to Al-Qabas, that the Committee of the Philippine Convention will meet soon and will discuss the measures taken on the file, in addition to the conditions of employment and granted them according to the agreements signed recently.

Millions of unrefunded terminal fees are being held by government

Manila: Overseas Filipino workers and other special category passengers have five years to collect unrefunded passenger service fees, officials said.

According Jess Martinez, head of the media affairs of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), passengers, particularly of the carrier, Cebu Pacific, can at any time collect their “unrefunded” Passenger Service Charge (PSC), more commonly known as terminal fee.

The PSC was first integrated into airline tickets for domestic flights on August 1, 2012 while international PSC integration followed on February 1, 2015.

On March 2017, MIAA general manager Ed Monreal announced that terminal fees for overseas Filipino workers and certain other special category passengers such as diplomats and athletes would formally be waived as part of efforts to streamline airport charges that had been debated as early as three years ago.

The MIAA started collecting an integrated airport terminal fee amounting to P550 (Dh37.82) in 2014.

However, OFW groups such as the #NoTo550 Coalition opposed the move and cited the Migrant Workers’ Act of 1995 that directs that the fee should be waived upon presenting an overseas employment certificate (OEC).

OFWs, nevertheless, had no choice but to pay for the IPSC as it was already integrated into their plane tickets.

According to Cebu Pacific, passengers can collect refunds if their tickets are dated from February 1, 2015 to April 30, 2018.

“Passengers can [get a] refund [of] their terminal fees any day they can, even after five years,” Martinez was quoted in the state-run Philippine News Agency as saying.

Cebu Pacific and Cebgo remitted 245.61 million pesos (Dh16,888,310) in unrefunded terminal fees to the MIAA.

“The amount covers unrefunded terminal fees of approximately 212,100 international passengers who travelled during the period 1 February 2015 to 30 April 2018 and 892,800 domestic passengers who travelled for the period 1 August 2012 to 30 April 2018,” the carrier said.

“We thank Cebu Pacific and Cebgo for taking the lead on this. I am confident that the rest [will] follow soon,” said Monreal.

Under the Memorandum of Agreement and Implementing Guidelines for the PSC Integration Project, air carriers are required to remit their collections based on flown passengers.

Flown passengers mean actual number of passengers who boarded the flight.

New updates onthe storyof the 11-year-old Saudi girl, Nawal, who was murdered by an Ethiopian housemaid revealed that her brother tried to help the young girl get away.

The children’s uncle, Abdallah Ali al-Bathatha, said his 14-year-old nephew Ali rushed to his sister’s aid when he heard her scream.

In his failed attempt to save his sister, the boy was stabbed 14 times all over his body before he managed to escape to a nearby bathroom and phone his mother for help.

Nawal, 11, and her brother Ali, 14. (Supplied)

Reports stated that prior to the murder, Ali witnessed the maid crying in the kitchen and mumbling intangibly. When the nanny ignored his concerned questions, the boy went to his bedroom.

The stabbing rampage soon followed.

Their father, Saad al-Namsha al-Qarni, told Al Arabiya that he had plans to fly to Riyadh to see his children and celebrate their recent graduation.

Al-Qarni revealed that due to custody arrangements following his divorce from their mother, he could not visit his children as much as he would have liked.

Ali, 14, in intensive care after he attempted to save his sister. (Supplied)

“Nawal was the spoiled one. I used to call her Noony, that was her nickname,” al-Qarni said.

“She wanted me to register her at a sports club. I told her that I will do that as soon as things settle with my ex-wife’s (her mother’s) family,” he added.

He added that the nanny worked for his ex-wife’s mother and had been staying with the children for 10 days when the crime took place. The housemaid, whose residency visa was expiring soon, knew the family had plans to fly her back to Ethiopia.

However, the father revealed that the family did not have any ongoing conflicts with the nanny, and were surprised by the incident since she was not entirely responsible for the children as they were old enough to care for themselves.

Upon their arrival, authorities declared the girl dead, while her brother, who beared multiple stab wounds, was quickly transported to intensive care.

The uncle of the murdered boy "Nawal al-Qarni" tells "Sabd" painful details of a crime


Riyadh: An Ethiopian maid stabbed a 12-year-old girl to death in Riyadh area yesterday, The woman reportedly attacked the girl and stabbed her several times at her family’s house in Laban neighbourhood in the Saudi capital, The suspect is also accused of attacking the girl’s 14-year-old brother and attempting to stab him to death too.

The boy who sustained serious injuries was admitted to the intensive care unit, Civil defence personnel who were alerted by passers-by after hearing the children’s screams, had to break the door open and rescue the brother, They arrested the Ethiopian woman who reportedly locked herself in a bathroom. She was referred to competent authorities for investigation.





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The World Cup’s top 10 so far

Who has grabbed the spotlight in Russia

1. Luka Modric (Croatia)

Croatia's midfielder Luka Modric

Croatia are one of only three teams to advance with a perfect winning record and the main reason has been the midfield partnership of Modric and Ivan Rakitic. They peaked in picking apart Argentina but have been excellent all through, with Modric having scored twice and passed the ball with genuine class.

2. Harry Kane (England)

England's Harry Kane

It is hard to look beyond Harry Kane for an English representative. His five goals already would have been enough to win the Golden Boot in some tournaments and he is the spearhead for this generation of England players.

3. Eden Hazard (Belgium)

Belgium's Eden Hazard celebrates

Hazard said he was not at the same level as Gareth Bale when Belgium faced Wales at Euro 2016. He has no reason to consider himself second billing to anyone in Russia. His display against Tunisia was among the best so far.

4. Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)

Brazil's forward Philippe Coutinho celebrates after scoring the opening goal

Cameras focus on Neymar but the best player for Brazil has been a lower-profile presence. It was Coutinho who provided perhaps the pass of the finals for Paulinho to score against Serbia, it is Coutinho who is Brazil’s top scorer and it is Coutinho who always sets their tempo.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Portugal's forward Cristiano Ronaldo controls the ball during a training session

His hat-trick against Spain remains perhaps the individual performance of the group phase. Four goals in three games to become the leading international goalscorer in European football history has been some start. The free-kick against Spain was also among the best goals scored but Ronaldo will know that delivery in the knockout phase is what really counts.

6. Andreas Granqvist (Sweden)

Sweden's defender Andreas Granqvist celebrates scoring a penalty

Sweden conceded only twice in topping their group and, in Andreas Granqvist, they have a captain who has led at both ends of the pitch. He led the rearguard against Germany, stifling attack after attack, and was similarly dominant in negating Mexico. He also scored two crucial penalties.

7. Diego Godin (Uruguay)

Uruguay's Diego Godin celebrates

Three games, three wins and three clean sheets. Yes, Uruguay were in one of the easier groups but they have still done their job efficiently. And, as Atletico Madrid fans will know, the biggest reason for their resilience is Godin.

8. Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)

Belgium's Romelu Lukaku celebrates

A goalscoring phenomenon at international level who has already added another four in two matches played so far here. Lukaku’s versatility allows Belgium to attack from numerous different angles.

9. Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)

Russia's midfielder Aleksandr Golovin

Russia might have been brought down to earth by Uruguay but they were excellent in their first two games and no player has provided more assists in these finals than Golovin. At only 22, he is on the scouting radar of many of the top European clubs.

10.  Alireza Beiranvand (Iran)

Iran's Alireza Beiranvand

Not so long ago, Beiranvand was working as a shepherd in the village of Sarab-e Yas when he ran away to Tehran to pursue his dream and, with no money or accommodation, set up camp outside a football club until they let him train. On Monday, he was saving a Cristiano Ronaldo penalty at the World Cup. One of the most uplifting stories of the finals so far.

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