Taxi Driver Arrested

An Egyptian taxi driver was arrested in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia in Khaitan area, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were patrolling Khaitan area when they suspected a taxi driver with a passenger and ordered him to pull over. However, as soon as the driver stopped, the passenger jumped out of the taxi and started running. Securitymen chased him but he managed to escape. When they asked the taxi driver about the passenger, he said he did not know him.

After securitymen asked the taxi driver for his civil ID card, they noticed a sachet containing a white substance in the driver’s pocket as he was pulling out his wallet. They checked him to find drugs and drug paraphernalia on him.

During interrogations, the taxi driver admitted that the runaway passenger is his friend of the same nationality and that they were taking drugs inside the taxi. The taxi driver was arrested and referred to the Drugs Control General Department. An arrest warrant was issued against the other suspect.


Dead newborn baby found in Hawally

Kuwait: A newborn baby was found dumped near the trash in Hawally area , Securitymen and medical emergency personnel rushed to the location after the Operations Room received a call from Egyptian man who saw the dead infant at the area, investigations are underway to identify the parents.

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Egyptian expatriate arrested with 30 grams of shabu, tools

In a new blow to the Farwaniya Security Directorate against alcohol and drug traffickers, they managed to arrest an Egyptian expatriate with 30 grams of shabu, tools and a sensitive balance.
In the details, a security source said that pursuant to the instructions of the security director General Saleh Matar al-Anzi to intensify efforts and control the drug traffickers, one of the patrols security Farwaniya security tour in the region, then suspected Arab Avdim they have to inquire to find him, they saw besides him a small bag containing white material suspected As a matter of narcotic, which led them to search his vehicle and found inside the two small bags, and a large bag containing all the substance of the shabu, in addition to the small and the other 12 large needle and balance sensitive.
The source added that, in preliminary investigations, the expatriate, an Egyptian citizen, admitted that he was promoting this material after its manufacture and that he had been working in this field for several years and had referred it and seized it to the fight against drugs

Teenage Girl Accused Of Torturing Maid To Death

A case has been filed against an 18-year-old Kuwaiti girl for torturing to death a housemaid from Madagascar who was on a hunger strike for one week.

According to security sources, the victim was in a bad health condition when she was taken to Farwaniya Hospital by the daughter of her sponsor.

Doctors tried to save her life but in vain. However, they noticed some scalds on her body and reported this to the police.

The forensics report revealed that the victim was tortured, the scalds were caused by boiling water, and she was subjected to starvation. Securitymen questioned the girl and she admitted to throwing hot water on the housemaid. She explained that her father had travelled overseas and left her some money. However, she was shocked when she found out money was missing. She then believed that the maid had stolen the money.

That was why she threw hot water on the maid and assaulted her the next day. Even though she did not stop the housemaid from eating food, the latter refused to eat or drink for a week, which in turn affected her health. She denied the accusation and remained silent the rest of the time.

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Egyptian Threatens Filipina With Knife In Salmiya

Kuwait: Police arrested a 26-year-old Egyptian national after he allegedly threatened a Filipino woman at knifepoint in a robbery attempt in Salmiya area, the suspect went to the woman's' apartment, when she opened the door he held a knife to her neck for money and when she screamed for help he tried to escaped, police rushed to the scene after receiving an emergency call from Egyptian "Haris about the incident, securitymen managed to arrest the suspect inside the building after he tried to escape, a case was registered for investigation.

Egyptian wanted in 7 child molestations held

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 An Egyptian man who is wanted by law on seven crimes related to molesting children in vicinities of buildings in Farwaniya was arrested and referred him to authorities, reports Al-Rai daily. The Egyptian aroused suspicion of police after he was seen leaving the worship place for women in a mosque in Farwaniya area. Police checked his records and discovered he is wanted on seven crimes of molesting children and he had admitted to five of them

Couple Jailed For Torturing Maid

Kuwait: The Court sentenced a Citizen and his wife to jail term of 4 years for torturing, beating and abusing their Filipino maid, the lawyer included a medical report which left several injuries to 25% of her body caused by hot iron and a wire.

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Kuwait deports 76 gay men in crackdown

Committee set up to enforce the law and uphold 'morality' in Kuwait’s 'conservative society'

Kuwait has deported 76 homosexuals and shut down 22 massage parlours this year, the head of a morals committee has said.

The gay men were apprehended during nationwide campaigns aimed at enforcing the law regulating massage parlours, Mohammad Al Dhufairi told the Kuwait Al Seyassah daily.

The committee, made up of representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Interior, and Kuwait Municipality, pledged to forge ahead with their crackdown.

During the raids, the committee members found and seizezd sex toys, women’s underwear and make up used by the men.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any morally objectionable activities and we will not be lenient with anyone who breaks the rules or puts the health of Kuwaiti citizens and residents at risk,” Al Dhufairi said.

Rashid Al Azimi, a staff member at Kuwait University, said he fully supported the committee’s action and called for the closure of both male and female parlours, found to be breaking the law.

“We live in a conservative country and, therefore, we should uphold specific morals.”

Homosexuality and cross-dressing are against the law in Kuwait and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries—Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 

In Kuwait, convicted homosexuals could face up to 10 years in prison, if the engaged parties are under the age of 21.

Pakistani Arrested Over Jleeb Murder

Kuwait  A Pakistani national was arrested for stabbing a Bangladeshi man to death during a fight occurred in Jleeb area recently, the suspect has been detained for further investigations

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Maids Accused Of Stealing Money

Kuwait  A Citizen accused her Filipino maid of stealing KD 2000 from a cupboard then escaped from the house, a complaint has been filed at AL-Salam police station, In another case, an Egyptian woman accused her Ethiopian maid of stealing KD180 then escaped from the apartment in Jabriya are, a case was registered

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