Egyptian expatriate arrested with 30 grams of shabu, tools

In a new blow to the Farwaniya Security Directorate against alcohol and drug traffickers, they managed to arrest an Egyptian expatriate with 30 grams of shabu, tools and a sensitive balance.
In the details, a security source said that pursuant to the instructions of the security director General Saleh Matar al-Anzi to intensify efforts and control the drug traffickers, one of the patrols security Farwaniya security tour in the region, then suspected Arab Avdim they have to inquire to find him, they saw besides him a small bag containing white material suspected As a matter of narcotic, which led them to search his vehicle and found inside the two small bags, and a large bag containing all the substance of the shabu, in addition to the small and the other 12 large needle and balance sensitive.
The source added that, in preliminary investigations, the expatriate, an Egyptian citizen, admitted that he was promoting this material after its manufacture and that he had been working in this field for several years and had referred it and seized it to the fight against drugs

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