The evacuation of a building in Sabah Al-Salem is precautionary after it was cracked by the earthquake

Firefighters evacuated a building in the Sabah al-Salem area early today after a crack in part of the building followed the earthquake that took place yesterday night.

The general fire department explained that the building consists of a basement and 6 floors where firefighters rushed from Musharraf's center and the technical rescue in partnership with the General Security in the Ministry of Interior and Civil Defense.

The "fire" that the evacuation of the architecture of the population was precautionary after a crack in part of the building after the earthquake yesterday.

The General Fire Department assured citizens and residents that it has taken all measures to protect life and property. There is an integrated coordination and follow-up with the concerned parties in the management of crises and disasters and there is no cause for concern about the earthquake that hit neighboring countries.

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