8Tiffins was launched a couple of months ago with simple features, however it has adopted itself according to the needs of their customers. Affordable prices, irresistibly tasty food and a great deal of coupons are not the only that attracts but also the app itself with all its new features at your fingertips.

No matter whether it is a Veg Package or a Non-Veg package now, a subscriber can shift between veg and non veg meals whenever he/she wishes to without any price increase. Interesting isn’t it? Also, like icing on the cake customer can make a choice while placing the order whether to receive the meal in a tiffin box or in a disposable box for ‘Classic’ and ‘Meals for 2’ packages. It makes life a lot easier. As a further matter, now a customer need not wait to know what’s in the meal till he/she receives the box, a whole month menu is provided in the App for Lunch and Dinner. Menu is improved with better and tastier items like Bhuna Gosht, Chicken Mughlai, Rajma Masala, Raw Mango sambar, Veg Makhani etc, . So many varieties that one starts to wonder is it possible to cook them at home? And every dish is cooked with so much passion and love. Speaking about the quality, 8Tiffins has never compromised and has been providing the best without interruption. Now, to make the meal even more tasty ‘Ponni Rice’ is added to the preferences.

8Tiffins launched two new packages, ‘Curry Point’ and ‘Fish Meal’. ‘Curry Point’ is specially designed for bachelors who likes to share and care. It comes with two different dishes in a single pack where the quantity will be sufficient for 2-3 people. And ‘Fish Meal’ is dedicated for Fish lovers, for six days six different fish varieties along with rice/roti or only rice/only roti.

8Tiffins has become a best companion for bachelors, for working women and also for families. 8Tiffins is not just a simple food ordering app but it’s an experience. Subscribe now to experience 8Tiffins

Here, experience of 8Tiffins customers…

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