The Municipality of Surat Obadiah has closed a well-known restaurant and forced a money related fine of SAR 10,000 for selling Hyena meat in Saudi Arabia, reported Life in Saudi Arabia.

Amid an unexpected inspection of the restaurant, the inspectors found that the restaurant which is situated on the Najran – Khamis Mushait Road had been shut and was being protected by a worker of the restaurant whereas the kitchen was busy cooking meals.

The inspection group quickly cordoned off the territory close to the restaurant and when they entered the  restaurant they found that the meat that was being cooked was that of a hyena.

Hyena meat isn’t something rare in Saudi Arabia 

Local resident, Said Bin Saleh, said that he had been once welcomed to a wedding gathering and there too hyena meat had been served. He expressed that he was extremely astonished to see how people were enjoying the hyena meat.

Hyena meat costs around SR 200 for each Kg in Saudi Arabia 

Veterinary doctor, Khalid Al Qahtani, expressed that the meat of hyenas is in huge demand. He included that hyena meat is at present more costly than that of a deer.

One kilogram of the meat of a hyena will move for around SAR 200 or much more, contingent upon the age of the animal it has been taken from.  He likewise included that no unsafe impacts of benefits to health have been cientifically proven to exist in the hyena meat.

A report which had been brought forward by the times had expressed that the hyenas are currently confronting the risk of extinction since the people across over the Saudi Arabia have now developed a liking to the taste of this hyena meat.

In 2008, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature had recorded the striped hyena as being almost undermined as the aggregate population of the species is evaluated to be less than 10,000.

Hyena meat is additionally ordinarily expended in specific territories of Iran and additionally Pakistan, where it is likewise viewed as Halal.

The executive of the Wildlife Research Center in Taif, Ahmad Al Bouq has expressed to the media that the threat faced by the hyenas is a dire one indeed.

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