Kuwait’s development plan (Sheikh Jaber Bridge) has been developed within the framework of infrastructure development and upgrading to improve the quality of life for all citizens by reducing traffic jams and improving the efficiency of the transport network. Gave economic and developmental implications that go beyond this pillar and turn into a road linking the present with a new vision of Kuwait.
The Sheikh Jaber Bridge, which is close to completion, carries many indications, firstly, that it reaches the city of Kuwait (Al-Sabia) or the “Silk City” project to go beyond the concept of the road linking two geographical locations to a road linking Kuwait City with Kuwait Future or New Kuwait. In the great leap that Kuwait made in the field of development after 9 years on the launch of its first plans.

The third indication of this project is the entry of Kuwait into the global competition again through the achievement of global figures in the field of economic development and construction of infrastructure and excellence in many countries in the world in unique and vast projects, where the bridge is the fourth longest sea bridge in the world according to the Kuwaiti Roads Authority and built according to For the latest and best specifications and global standards.
The fourth indication can be summed up by the country’s great efforts to strengthen its position on the global competitive map to attract foreign investment in order to achieve the sustainable diversified economy pillar in the development plan in which the country seeks to improve the business environment, facilitate trade procedures and diversify sources of income away from oil.
The Sheikh Jaber Bridge between Kuwait City and the Sabia area cuts from 104 kilometers in about 90 minutes to 37.5 kilometers in less than 30 minutes.
The inauguration of the Sheikh Jaber Bridge and the establishment of the Silk City Development Authority and Boubyan Island is the fifth significance of this project to complement the developmental and structural image of Kuwait as a regional financial and commercial center extending from Shuwaikh Port to Bridge Sheikh Jaber) to (the city of Sabia) to the (Silk Road) to join the global vision of Kuwait new initiative (belt and road) Chinese note that the three longest sea bridges in the world are all in China.

The Sheikh Jaber Bridge project plays a pivotal role in completing the new vision of Kuwait 2035. The Kuwaiti-Chinese Higher Committee for the development of the Silk City project held its first meeting this weekend to be the starting point for the implementation of the city project based on the most important elements of Kuwait. Foreign Affairs.
The visiting Chinese delegation to the country and participating in the meeting included 35 senior Chinese government officials, led by Vice President of the State Council for Development and Reform, Neng Jie Jie, and presented suggestions on ideas for completing the development, operation and adoption of the master plan for the Silk City and the five islands, Transportation, highways, railways and airports.

The Chinese side expressed its keenness during the meeting to accelerate the implementation of the construction and development of the port of Mubarak, which will contribute to creating a safe regional corridor and trade center in the region and it was agreed to develop competitive elements that make the Silk City project highly competitive in the region.
The first phase of the Silk City project includes the establishment of a regional trade zone in Mubarak Port, a logistics area for goods, an international airport, railways for transporting goods and people, and an industrial city that will host small and medium enterprises.
During the meetings, the Chinese side stressed the seriousness of the Chinese companies and institutions in implementing the phases of the Silk City project and the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative”, which has positive effects on the economic and developmental levels of Kuwait and neighboring countries.

The meeting was adopted by the members of the Council of Experts from the Chinese side, represented by the Chinese Development Bank, Huawei, Ali Baba, China Construction and Communications Company, Shanghai Ports Corporation, Peking University, Studies and plans required for the implementation of the Silk City.
The construction of the Sheikh Jaber Bridge project began on November 3, 2013 and is divided into two parts: the first one, Al Waleed Al Sabia, at a cost of 738 million Kuwaiti Dinars (about 2307 million US dollars), including the construction of a 27- Naval navigational vacuum width of 120 meters and a height of 23 meters for the passage of ships to the port of Doha Kuwaiti life of 100 years.
The second part includes a four-kilometer (4.7-km) Doha-wide road linking five upper bridges with a length of 725 meters and a 7.7-meter-long sea bridge. This includes three traffic lanes and a safe lane in each direction at a cost of KD 165.7 million (about $ 545 million) Al-Shuwaikh (free zone). John Kuwait passes west and passes by (Umm Al Namel Island) to the Doha area and then connects to Doha Highway.

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