Corruption revealed as investigations into Bangladeshi MP’s alleged illicit activities moves forward

As the corruption comes to light, MPs are demanding the names of high ranking former and current officials and MPs involved in human trafficking and money laundering in Kuwait, reported Al Rai daily.  The investigations being conducted against the Bangladeshi MP accused of human trafficking, residency visa trade and money laundering, reveal that 7 prominent officials, some of whom are retired, and others in high positions in three government agencies such as the Tender Committee and the Ministries of Interior and Affairs are complicit with the accused. They received bribes and gifts to facilitate his suspicious activity.

The Public Prosecution decided to continue the detention of the Bangladeshi MP and another National to complete the investigation, after listening to the testimony of 11 expatriates who were brought from Bangladesh and had paid large sums of money not just for visas but also for residency visa renewal. The daily reported that investigations revealed that the accused transferred suspicious amounts to the tune of millions of dinars to European and Gulf banks recently, as he was preparing to leave Kuwait, after he had learned that his name had appeared in investigations in residency visa trading, human trafficking and money laundering.

The daily reported that the Bangladeshi MP in the investigations also provided huge amounts to a senior officer in the Ministry of the Interior who was helping his criminal activities, and he was dealing with him through as a mediator. The Immigration Investigations also arrested a Bangladeshi national with Canadian citizenship and an
Egyptian expatriate whose name was mentioned as part of the ongoing investigations to uncover those involved who received gifts or money in exchange for misusing their job positions to handle the transactions of the Bangladeshi MP in government ministries.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh stated that everyone mentioned in the investigations, whether a government official or a prominent person, will be held accountable, and will be referred to the Public
Prosecution, if there is proof of their involvement.

On the other hand, MP Youssef Al-Fadhala, MP Abdel Wahab Al-Babtain and MP Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Kandari called for publishing the names of the MPs and officers involved and called on the Anti-Corruption Commission to take action.

Source: timeskuwait

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