US banned entry of new Filipino workers with H2-A and H2-B, with the increase in Filipino citizens overstaying visas and concerns over human trafficking

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) won’t issue  temporary visas for foreign non-agricultural and agricultural workers between 19 January, 2019, and 18 January, 2020 according to GMA report.

The DHS see in the Federal Register read that in 2017 it is evaluated that about 40 percent of H-2B visa holders from the Philippines outstayed their time of approved remain. The H-2A visas are brief visas for outside agrarian laborers while H2-B visas are issued to remote specialists giving non-horticultural administrations in the US.

Further the DHS additionally refered to the US Embassy in Manila recorded the most astounding issuance of T-subordinate visas which are saved for certain relatives of main T-1 non-migrants or certain casualties of serious types of dealing in people.

“DHS and Department of State are worried about high volume of dealing unfortunate casualties from the Philippines who were initially issued H-2B visas,” the notice marked by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen further read, announced GMA.

Additionally, H-2A visa applications have likewise expanded fundamentally among Filipino nationals from 2015 to 2018, the issuance of which was considered as potential intends to sustain human dealing from the Philippines.

Other than the Philippines, nationals of Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic are additionally at present prohibited from entering the US under the said visa programs. In any case, the DHS see cleared up that nonnatives who are in the US as of now with legitimate H-2A or H-2B non-settler visas won’t be influenced yet. ‘People at present holding such status, in any case, will be influenced by this notice should they look for an expansion of remain in H-2 arrangement, or a difference in status starting with one H-2 status then onto the next’, DHS see included.

Further, nationals of the Philippines, Ethiopia and the Dominic Republic may in any case be recipients of affirmed H-2A and H-2B endless supply of the candidate yet will be screened by experts on a case-by-case premise, the notice included.


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