The air intelligence unit (AIU) of Goa Customs seized unclaimed assorted gold jewellery weighing 1086 grams, worth Rs 31.03 lakh which was kept in a plastic carry bag and was placed in the toilet of Chennai-bound Kuwait-Goa Air India flight Al-976 on Tuesday.

As per information, AIU sleuths while performing their duty upon the arrival of Kuwait-Goa-Chennai Air India flight Al-976 during the wee hours on Tuesday searched the aircraft and recovered assorted gold jewellery weighing 1086 grams, worth Rs 31.03 lakh.

The officers of Goa Customs headed by assistant commissioner Navin Patel, under the supervision of additional commissioner T R Gajalakshmi conducted the operation under the overall guidance of commissioner R Manohar.

“The modus-operandi was to pass on the gold jewellery to some domestic passenger boarding from Goa,” informed the assistant commissioner of customs and further said that the customs officers inquired about the ownership of gold from the passengers but no passenger came forward to claim the ownership.

The jewellery was seized under the Customs Act 1962.

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