Indian Embassy publish list of companies to be avoided while seeking employment in Kuwait on their website.

In two separate lists, published on the Indian Embassy website, Embassy lists around 18 India based recruitment agencies to be avoided while looking for recruitment to Kuwait.

Embassy also lists out around 90 Kuwaiti companies and sponsors which embassy advices to avoid while seeking employment opportunity in Kuwait.

The list is prepared based on various observations, embassy said on its website. The full list is available at

There were many instances of Indians falling victim to the fake recruitment. This involves fake recruitment agencies in India as well as some companies in Kuwait. The recent instance involves around 35 youths from Mangalore, who are stranded in Kuwait after they were allegedly cheated by a placement agency. They were promised jobs in Kuwait by a Mangalore based Agency after charging Rs 65,000 from each person. Many such cases were reported here earlier too. In the wake of such instances, Indian Embassy publishing the list of recruitment agencies and companies to be avoided by the job seeker will help to create some sort of awareness among the job seekers


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