A Filipina’s night flight has gone viral after she discovered that she was the only one traveler on the plane.

In a Facebook post, Ms Louisa Erispe shared photos of her flight from Davao to Manila that she took on December twenty four.

within the post, she shares that she was at the start nervous when realising that she was the only traveler on the whole flight. She posted photos of her boarding pass additionally because the plane’s cabin that was empty except for her and the crew.

Despite this, Philippines Airlines flight PR 2820 took off – together with her taking full advantage of the empty plane by switch seats throughout the flight. At the top of the flight, she thanked the plane’s captain and crew for the once in a lifetime solo-trip.

Calling the experience unique and a far cry from the crowded planes one usually takes daily, netizens additionally praised Philippine Airlines for continuing with the flight – despite solely carrying one passenger.

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