Rapporteur of the Health Committee of the National Assembly said the amendment to the labor law in the private sector for calculating the annual leave and end of service benefits is limited to Kuwaitis only to encourage them to join the private sector.

The current law does not distinguish between the Kuwaiti worker and the expatriate worker in private sector. The demand to increase the annual leave from 30 days to 35 days was to attract more Kuwaiti youths to join the private sector, however there was a large concern as expatriates will be the biggest beneficiary of this move.

In view of these concern, authorities are looking on the possibility of keeping the annual leave to 30 days and days off and holidays to be added as part of retirement benefits.

Expatriate worker does not get retirement benefits but is given only end of service for his years of work. The Kuwaitis are the ones who get the retirement benefits before they retire.

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