The Ministry of Interior has begun the implementation of the first phase of the decision to do away with the residence permit stickers on the passports and transfer all the information onto the civil ID.

The new civil ID card, which carries the Passport number, Latin name of the holder and Occupation, can be used for entry and exit. No one will be allowed to enter or leave without the civil ID card and for this the names on the passport and civil ID must match.

According to informed sources, while submitting the renewal application for residency, you will be provided with a temporary paper with your residency detail. This paper can be used until you receive your new Civil ID card. It is to be noted that, unlike in previous case, the revenue stamp should not be placed in the passport. This stamp need to be submitted along with the application form while submitting your renewal application, a person familiar with this procedure told. Later you need to apply for new civil ID card and the status of the same will be updated via sms on the given mobile number.

Meanwhile, the residence sticker placed on the passport prior to this remains valid unless otherwise instructed. Any person who renewed the residency after March 10th must carry the passport and Civil ID while entering and exiting the country. A person whose residency is renewed before March 10th can still exit and enter the country the same way he used to do earlier using his passport and residency sticker on the passport.

While on vacation, if your passport is renewed and the passport number in Civil ID and passport does not match, you must carry the old passport also along with you while returning back to Kuwait.

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