Proposal submitted to limit number of expats in the country

Parliamentarian Dr. Badr Al-Mulla presented a proposal to the parliament regarding the demographics, pointing out that the demographics imbalances are among the problems that Kuwait has suffered in recent years, local Arabic news paper Al-Rai daily reported.

The parliamentarian said that it was found that that expats residing in overcrowded areas without health requirements, which clearly contributed to the spread of the epidemic, which enforced total lock-down in some areas.

The proposal suggested that a law to be established that sets the maximum percentage of foreign nationalities in relation to the total number of citizens, and prohibits the recruitment of any person from this nationalities to work in the event that the number of its community exceeds the number of citizens, daily added.

As per the proposal, quota will be assigned for each nationality proportionate to the total number of Kuwaiti citizen. Indians will be allotted 15% of the total Kuwaiti population while the number of Philippines, Egyptians and Sri Lankan’s will be limited to 10% of the Kuwaiti population. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam citizen will be limited to 5% of the Kuwaiti population.


Source : Al-Rai daily

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