Returning expats to require PCR test certificate and pay for compulsory quarantine

Expatriates returning to Kuwait once flights resume and the airport opens, will be required to pay for the compulsory institutional quarantine, reports a local daily quoting a ministerial source. The Supreme Permanent Committee for the Application of Health Regulations, in coordination with the ministries of Health, Interior and Foreign Affairs are deciding this matter. In addition, the sponsor or company will be charged for the quarantine fees in the event the expatriate refuses to pay, reported the local daily. In addition, there is the possibility of re-introducing a decision for returning expats to submit a certificate stating they are free from the coronavirus after taking a PCR test in their home country.

If the decision is approved, people returning to the country must undergo the test only in accredited specialized hospitals and submit the certificate on arrival.  The daily reported that as part of the measures, legal sanctions and fines will hit airlines that allow expats to travel, after doing the reservation and travel procedures, without making sure that the traveler has a valid certificate stating confirming no coronavirus infection.

The plan is being decided upon by the Council of Ministers, and the decision on testing, certificates and institutional quarantine fees will be finalized before flights restart with expatriates. These decisions will most likely go into force once life in the country returns to normal as part of the five stage plan that was initiated to handle the coronavirus crisis.

Source: TimesKuwait

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