Sabah Al-Ahmad Heritage Village, which hosts the festival of the popular heritage of the Gulf, is attracting a large number of visitors, especially with the presentation of various programs and events and competitions that will continue throughout the middle school holiday. The head of the village, Saif al-Shalahi told KUNA on Friday that the committee supervising the village on Al-Salami road at the 59th kilometer is keen to set up activities that are beneficial to families of Gulf citizens and residents and to enjoy their heritage and culture. 

Al-Shalahi added that the village includes cultural and heritage museums that embody the heritage of parents and grandparents of ancient crafts and handicrafts as well as popular shops and a model of the old city of Kuwait and the village of Badia and other sites with historical, heritage and civilization.

He said that the traditional competitions held in the festival, which includes the categories (camels, horses, birds and sheep) are also a great success with the participation of thousands of competitors from the co-op and the GCC. 

For his part, the director of the artisanal art center Ghazi al-Jalawi said in a similar statement to KUNA that the center’s wing in the village includes a group of old Kuwaiti shops, which includes the production of young employees of the courses held by the center throughout the year. 

Al-Jalawi said that each shop in the pavilion has a special character, shedding light on an old craft with the aim of introducing young people to the crafts that the first generation has mastered. 
He pointed out that there is a special corner to present the work of the members participating with the Center, calling on visitors to identify the professions that are associated with the people of Kuwait.

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