Sold his kidney to buy iPad and iPhone .. Chinese youth is disabled

Several years after selling his kidney for the purchase of iPad and iPhone, a young Chinese man became disabled and bedridden by the operation, which shocked the country and made many call the iPhone “college devices.”

The 25-year-old Chinese man, Wang, is now incapacitated by his kidney failure after selling his kidney when he was 17 years old in an operation meant to earn money for iPad 2 and iPhone 4, to appear before his classmates that he is the son of his age.

As his parents were unable to respond to his demands, Wang, a teenager, entered a chat room on the Internet and knew intermediaries to sell his kidney for a fee to secure his appetite and access those smart devices.

The removal of Wang’s kidney cost about $ 35,000, of which only $ 3,500 was received by the Chinese teenager. The rest was returned to the doctor who supervised the operation, his assistant staff and three others who were intermediaries in the operation.

The Chinese authorities then arrested five Chinese in the city of Qinzhou (south of the country) on charges of illegal trade in human organs and deliberately causing harm, including the doctor who removed the teenage college in April 2011.

The Chinese mother discovered her son’s worker – from the Anhui region, known for its extreme poverty, where residents had to leave in search of work – when she inquired about her son’s new iPad and iPhone and told the police

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