Called to duty, a special send-off Friday for local members of the National Guard. The soldiers headed off to Kuwait in support of U.S. operations in the country. For many families, it was a very emotional goodbye. Twenty-five soldiers are leaving their homes and their families.

Loved ones are sad to see them go, but proud of their service to the country. “There’s been some emotional moments, but we have a great support system and I think that’s what’s going to help us through this,” said Stephanie Ross.

The reality of it all is slowly starting to reveal itself. Ross, along with her 3 young children will be without her husband Scott for a year.

“We sat with them at the table one night at dinner and let them know that dad was leaving,” said Ross.

Ross’ Columbus based National Guard unit is set to deploy to Kuwait. He told ABC6 that leaving his family is not easy.

“I just hope the kids understand what it’s all about. Obviously, my wife does. Sometimes you just kind of block that out so it doesn’t get to you,” said Ross.

Friday, the soldiers and their families gathered for a call to duty ceremony at Pontifical College. It was a chance to recognize them for their service to the country. For the Ross family, it was a difficult day.

“I’m going to really miss them a lot. It’s going to be a tough year,” said Scott Ross.

Their family like many of those at the ceremony understand the importance of this call.

“I think once he leaves and I think we have some downtime, I think it’s when it’s really probably going to hit all of us that he’s going and he’s going to be gone,” said Stephanie Ross.

Each and every family proud of the soldier’s commitment. Now, they all have to patiently wait for their return home.

The soldiers leaving Friday will join about 600 others for this mission in Kuwait.

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