MOI arrested a neurological formation of 6 people

The Criminal Security Department, represented by the General Directorate for Drug Control, has been able to control a neurological formation consisting of 6 people, including customs personnel and another in civil aviation, bringing in drugs from one European country and bringing them into the country for trafficking, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. 

In the details, the Department explained that information was received from one of the sources of the General Directorate for Drug Control, according to which one person brought large amounts of psychotropic substances and pills through the air cargo and with the assistance of a group of people of different nationalities. Fahaheel was found in possession of a quantity of narcotic substances.

The administration pointed out that, upon confronting the accused with information and investigations, he confessed to committing such acts and that a large consignment of narcotic substances was being completed without being revealed by his partners, two of whom were working in the General Administration of Customs. At the farm of one of the Wafra, a large quantity of Cepagon pills, estimated at 30 thousand tablets. 

The administration confirmed that the defendants admitted and admitted that they brought the narcotics in this way and with the help of a group of people, and that the shipment is still in the air cargo building where the shipment was revealed and it was a collection of bags (personal belongings) and inside a large quantity of narcotic pills by about 2 million grain. 

All the accused were arrested and referred to the competent authority to take legal action against them.

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