'Real cash' international scammers using Facebook arrested in Kuwait

Police warn against tricks to dupe victims into paying money upfront

Two men belonging to an international scam and money laundering network have been arrested in Kuwait.

The men, one from South Africa and the other from Nigeria who had been sentenced to 10 years in jail in a different case, were implicated in duping Kuwaiti nationals and foreigners into transferring money ahead of receiving large amounts of cash.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior said that the network contacted people in Kuwait through social media — mainly Facebook — and built relations with them in order to get more personal details about their potential victims.

Afterwards, the fraudsters request assistance in transferring money to Kuwait where they want to settle with the large amounts of money in their possession.

The network subsequently dupes the victims into believing they will be receiving a cargo of millions of dollars to Kuwait by showing them fake documents and shipment policy forms filled in by a cargo company.

The victims, expecting the cargo, are duped into sending upfront money to the scammers.

The ministry’s media department said that another trick used by the international network was to show potential victims stacks of banknote-sized papers.

The victims were then told the bank notes were "real cash" (as shown above) — but dyed in green or black — supposedly to avoid detection by the authorities. 

The victims, led on to pay advance money as part of the deal, are told all they needed to do was to buy chemicals that would be used to remove the dye.

The Ministry of Interior thanked Kuwaitis and expatriates for their cooperation with the security agencies and urged them to continue their assistance to help tackle scammers and ensure there would be no victims.

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