Tales of smuggling across the border

The smuggling stories on the barbed-wire fences are seen in a distance that does not exceed the distance of sight, the heroes of which are the Saudi Al-Khafji outlet and the Kuwaiti port of Nuweib. 

Adventures narrated by customs tracks witness to tales of the poisoned struggle led by Uncle Malboro with red and white masks. The flight of tobacco coils that took pictures and forms of smuggling between the two implementers after raising their prices recently with soft drinks. Between rising prices and manipulating importers, a black market run by labor and smugglers on the other hand are flourishing to dominate the funding channels for smokers and to monopolize the price imposed by the smuggler. 

There are many ways and means of passing smoke puffs on customs inspectors. Not every luck has a smuggler. Most of them are discovered and confiscated.

In this context, informed sources according to the newspaper "the citizen" Saudi Arabia the latest statistics on smuggling operations, where seized the largest shipment of Cruz Malboro, about 100 cartons of 2500 cherries of cigarettes, the youth are the most volatile and then followed by the category of families. 
On the most important positions that faced the officers of the port, one of them said to the "citizen" that he suspected a car carrying 10 passengers each day round trip back through the port of Khafji to the port of Nuweibe, to reveal the order of smuggling the equivalent of 2 cherries, a day, 

Malburo's smuggling activity is used to exploit the difference in price. Cherk is sold for 100 riyals in Kuwait. In Saudi Arabia, the smuggler sells it for 240 riyals and sells for 190 riyals. Saudi citizen 

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