Top brands have heaps of copycats, and at times fakes are made so well you’re relatively unfit to recognize them. We have assembled a few hints that will enable you to recognize counterfeit contraptions previously getting them.

Check the packaging

Makers ofΒ counterfeit products frequently disregard package design. The official retailer will dependably take care ofΒ even the smallest subtleties ofΒ design and packaging ofΒ their claim products.

Take aΒ close look atΒ the package, focusing toΒ the print quality: the textual style should beΒ legible and predictable all over the place. Nothing ought to beΒ loose inside. Producers dependably settle their products well soΒ that nothing gets damaged amid transportation. Indeed, even the creases and corners ofΒ the packaging film should beΒ impeccable.

Look inside the user manual

The User manual isΒ the identification ofΒ any device. Immeasurably imperative data about the gadget must beΒ there inΒ the dialect ofΒ the nation ofΒ purchase. IfΒ it’s composed inΒ some other dialect and you can’t readΒ it, at that point it’s either aΒ smuggled gadget orΒ aΒ brand copycat.


Pay attention toΒ the material

Any material, beΒ itΒ plastic, elastic, orΒ aluminum, can beΒ high-orΒ low-quality. Celebrated brands don’t spare onΒ materials. The plastic covering must beΒ smooth, without creases orΒ other flaws. AΒ closer look atΒ aΒ fake effectively reveals shoddy plastic with matte shades and sporadic surfaces.


Take aΒ look atΒ the fonts

AΒ logo isΒ the face ofΒ any mark, and itΒ deserves unique consideration. It’s constantly made soΒ asΒ not toΒ beΒ tampered with: even after years ofΒ use, the logo will beΒ easily unmistakable.

All textual styles and images onΒ the gadget must beΒ smooth, discernible, and tough. It’s regularly the situation with fakes that they do not have the name ofΒ the producer orΒ they have itΒ somehow off-base.


Check the charger

The charger ought to beΒ adapted for use inΒ your nation. IfΒ you live inΒ Europe, there ought to beΒ aΒ special obstruct for European attachments. IfΒ you’re asked toΒ buy anΒ adapter orΒ even aΒ separate charger, that is aΒ warning sign.

Brand chargers won’t have seams between plastic parts ofΒ different colors, which can’t beΒ said ofΒ fakes.Β Remember, brands are responsible for your safety when using their gadgets. That’s why originals always have neat metal tips and quality insulation and finishes.


Take aΒ closer look atΒ wires and plugs

Wire quality isΒ one ofΒ the most obvious signs ofΒ aΒ counterfeit product.Β InΒ the original, aΒ plugged-in cable will sit firmly and evenly, while inΒ aΒ fake you’ll see incorrect angles and loose parts. Sometimes the length ofΒ aΒ plug doesn’t coincide with the depth ofΒ the socket.

Also, pay attention toΒ the quality ofΒ the insulation and the symbols onΒ it.Β The wire should beΒ flexible and even-colored, while the markings mustn’t beΒ erasable

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